Website Updated

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the website has now been updated to show all of our current coral and clean up crew stock. There might be one or two missing so its always better to pop in to the shop if you can. I will be trying to keep it up to date from now on.

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Fauna Marin price rise

Fauna Marin prices are set to rise from 01.08.21 across the range, last few days to grab it before it goes up......

Australian LPS import

We have had an Aussie LPS imort this week, corals all settled well. Scollys, Acans, Favia, Cats, Trachys, Lobos and more all available in store and will be uploaded to the site Monday. New Hanna High


WYSIWYG SPS colonies have been updated on the site some real stunners in at the moment